Problem Solving Tools & Techniques
Objectives: Duration : 2 days
    • To understand problem solving tools & techniques.
    • To create confidence about the application of the same
    • To solve the problems by systematic approach through teams
    • To enhance problem solving capabilities.


    • Day 1

      • QC concept and philosophy
      • Mindset required for problem solving
      • Defining problem,
      • Problem solving methodology,
      • Brain storming, flow diagram, Ishikawa diagram
    • Day 2
        • Recap of day1
        • Data collection, Graphs and charts, Pareto diagram, stratification
        • Milestone chart, Histogram,
        • CaseĀ  study presentation
        • Syndicate exercise
        • Team presentation.

    For all QC volunteers


    Lecture, Exercise, Films, Workshop.


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